Basics on Ecomics (IMF)

(※ 국제통화기금(IMF)이 운영하는 "Back to Basics" 페이지를 소개한다. 자본주의는 무엇이고 케인즈학파 경제학 이론이란 무엇인가? 주요 경제 이론은 무엇이 있으며 실물경제에서는 그런 이론들이 어떻게 작동하는가? 네덜란드 병이라는 무엇인가? 이런 질문에 대한 설명을 담고 있다. 이 홈페이지는 계속 보완될 예정이라고 하니 저장해 놓고 이따금씩 들어가 보는 것이 좋겠다.)


Back to Basics

Finance & Development explains some fundamental concepts of economics

The "Back to Basics" feature has been a mainstay of the IMF’s Finance & Development magazine since 2003. It aims to explain basic concepts for the non-specialist. We have revisited the series, updating and revising where needed, and compiling the most relevant Back to Basics stories in one place. The series is ongoing and we will add new “Back to Basics” stories as they appear in the magazine.

The Big Picture

What Is Capitalism?

What Is Keynesian Economics?

Further Reading

How Economies Function

What Is Direct Investment?
Tadeusz Galeza and James Chan
Investors often seek profits from a long-term stake in a foreign operation.
The Output Gap: Veering from Potential
Sarwat Jahan and Ahmed Saber Mahmud
Economists look for the difference between what an economy is producing and what it could produce
Price: The language of exchange
Irena Asmundson 
A price is the amount of money a buyer gives a seller in exchange for a good or a service. But it can be more than that.


Economics in Action

Taxes in Practice
Ruud De Mooij and Michael Keen
It is hard to design a fair and efficient revenue system
Taxing Principles
Ruud De Mooij and Michael Keen
Making the best of a necessary evil


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